One-on-one “Japanese Class for Daily Life” 「生活(せいかつ)のためのマンツーマン日本語(にほんご)教室」(きょうしつ)


One-on-one "Japanese Class for Daily Life"

KIEX will hold Japanese lessons by volunteer teachers from January, 2019. The main aim of the lessons is not for the qualification or test but inform Japanese related to daily life. Please see the flyer for more details.

english flyer



japanese flyer

【Participants wanted!】 International Exchange Bus Tour 【参加者募集(さんかしゃぼしゅう)】 国際交流(こくさいこうりゅう)バスツアー


Please see the flyer.⇒(最新)Bus Tour Flyer 2018

ちらしを見(み)てください。⇒(最新)シンプルにほんごちらし バスツアー2018

When?  December 9th, 2018(Sun) 9:00~18:30
いつ?  12月9日(日)

Where?  Minamisatsuma City
どこ? 南(みなみ)さつま市(し)

We can see awesome nature &historical samurai houses, eat tasty local lunchplate, and enjoy international exchange game at tremendously low price!


TASTE THE WORLD POTLUCK PARTY インターナショナルポットラックパーティー



インターナショナルポットラックパーティー  ~食べ物(たべもの)をみんなで持(も)ってくるパーティー~


Taste the world at this international exchange party! Bring along a plate of food from your country and look forward to an assortment of dishes. There will also be an exciting quiz about food around the world.

Who: Foreign Residents and Members of KIEX (you can join on the day!)

When: May 25th 2018 18:30~20:30
いつ?: 2018年5月25日(金(きん))18:30~20:30

Venue: Kinrosha Exchange Center (Yoka Center) Multi-purpose Hall, Kagoshima-shi Chuo-cho 10, Kyanse 8F
どこ?:勤労者(きんろうしゃ)交流(こうりゅう)センター(よかセンター) 多目的(たもくてき)ホール  
住所(じゅうしょ):鹿児島市(かごしまし)中央町(ちゅうおうちょう)10番地(ばんち) キャンセ8階(かい)

Cost: Free (please bring 1 plate of food worth around \500) ※Non-Alcohol
料金(りょうきん):無料(むりょう)(1人(ひとり)500円(えん)くらいの食べ物(たべもの)を持(も)ってくる) ※アルコールはだめです!


RSVP: Please send your address, name, age and phone number to KIEX by post, fax or email by the 18th of May:
Address: 892-0816 Yamashita-cho 15-1 Kagoshima International Exchange Foundation, TEL: 226-5931,
FAX: 239-9258, E-MAIL: kokusai@kiex.jp

 (電話(でんわ)226-5931,FAX239-9258, メールkokusai@kiex.jp)


Japanese Class by Volunteers   “SAKURA”


Let’s have fun studying “Japanese for Daily Life”!

Date: May to July   8 lessons in total (once a week/ 90minutes)

Place1. Yamashita-cho (Office of KIEX [Address⇒Yamashita-cho 15-1])
Place2. Taniyama (Taniyama Shimin Kaikan)

Please see the flyer and send email or message for more details.
H30 Flyer English (Yamashita)
H30 Flyer English (Taniyama)

HEARTY PARTY! (Welcome Party for New Comers in Spring)


WHEN             April 21st, 2018 (Sat) 13:30~16:00

WHERE          Central Community Center, Kagoshima (Yamashita-cho 5-9, Kagoshimas-shi)

How much?    FREE for foreign residents

How to apply  Send your 1.name 2.phone 3.address 4.nationality 5.age to us

See the flyer for more details⇒チラシ「ハーティ―パーティー2018」

Questions & Applications
  Kagoshima International Exchange Foundation 【KIEX】
Email: kokusai@kiex.jp     TEL:099-226-5931     Address: Yamashita-cho 15-1, Kagoshima-shi

5th August (Sat) , 2017 “YUKATA de Kagoden”, a tour where you can get in contact with Kagoshima’s history and culture!


slide1 KAGODEN

2017/07/27 The organizer stopped accepting applications because there is no more place available. Thank you for your understanding.

Looking for participants for “YUKATA de Kagoden”, a tour where you can get in contact with Kagoshima’s history and culture!

Take a return trip from Tenmonkan to Taniyama on the retro tourist tram “kagoden” while wearing a yukata. You will be introduced to the good points of Kagoshima (people, history, culture, nature, food) by a Satsuma Concierge (a Kagoshima walk-about guide) during the ride, as well as while strolling through Kagoshima Castle and the historical, cultural roads. Why not create a summer memory in Kagoshima?

◎ Date/time: 5th August (Sat) 13:30 – 18:00
◎ Meeting/ending location: Close to the Izuro-Dori tram stop in Kagoshima City. Participants will be sent a detailed map closer to the date.
◎ Price: \600 (for a tram and city bus 1-day pass).  ※ Yukata rental and fitting is free.
◎ Capacity: 10 people on a first come, first serve basis.
◎ How to apply: Email your ① name ② nationality ③ gender ③ phone number or phone email address ④ whether or not you would like to rent a yukata ⑤ height (only for those who want to rent a yukata) and ⑥ whether or not you would like an English interpreter to nagayosi-m07@city.kagoshima.lg.jp.
(Copy the text within the 「」following to use as the title of the email. 「8/5 かごでん 参加希望」)
◎ Organizer: Kagoshima City Transportation Bureau


【Please note】
*We provide rental yukatas up to a height of 175cm.
*Please bring your own footwear. Beach sandals are fine.


guide01We are ~Satsuma Concierge"

May 14, 2017 Regarding the volcanic ash from Sakurajima 桜島の降灰について


Regarding the volcanic ash from Sakurajima 桜島の降灰について

ph   image A image B image C


Volcanic ash is fine dust made from granulated volcanic rock (fine glass-like fragments that are less than 2mm in diameter). It is shaped similarly to glass, with sharp points (image A), and it may have components of volcanic gas (sulfide sulfur, hydrogen chloride, and hydrogen sulfide) attached. Please refer to the following information to prevent accidents and damage to your health.

(a) If you go outside when there is heavy ash falling be sure to use a hat, a mask, long sleeves, and an umbrella etc.  Even just using a towel to cover your mouth and nose will protect your lungs, bronchial tube, and other respiratory organs.

(b) Gargle after returning indoors.

(c) Volcanic ash can damage your cornea if it enters your eyes. If you get ash in your eyes, do not rub them and wash them with clean water or eye drops. It is recommended that you take out your contact lenses when ash is falling (and wear glasses instead).

(d) Other

◎ Motorcycles and bicycles can slip easily when ash falls. Be careful of accidents.

◎ Dispose of the ash on your balcony and front yard by placing it in a designated ash disposal area (image C).
Please use a special bag for collecting volcanic ash (image B) or dispose of the ash in two layers of regular plastic bags from the supermarket. Ash can cause flooding in the event of heavy rain so do not pour the ash down a drain/gutter etc.

◎ The direction of the wind determines where ash falls. TV stations forecast the direction of the wind above Sakurajima after weather reports. You can refer to this forecast to find out where the ash will fall. As it gets warmer ash often falls on Kagoshima City.

◎ In 2011 the infrasound (空振 KUSHIN / shockwaves from an eruption that cause vibrations in the air) produced by an explosive eruption of Shinmoedake in Miyazaki 2011 broke the glass of windows that were 12km away.
For counter-measures, apply shatter-resistant sheets and thick curtains to windows and do not allow small children to sleep under windows.

【Participants wanted!】 International Exchange Bus Tour


Please see the flyer. ⇒H29 international exchange bus tour flyer

Date: 28th of May (Sunday)    
Where?: Kinko-cho        

Have you ever been to Kinko-cho in Kagoshima? You cannot miss this opportunity because we cannot easily go to two famous lovely landscapes in this city at once!

We can experience awesome nature, unique and traditional lunchbox, hands-on program of local crafts and international exchange game at tremendously low price!

Hearty Party (welcome party for new comers in Spring)


Let’s have a fun meeting new people in this cherry blossom season! We are holding a welcome party for the new foreign citizens who come to Kagoshima this spring.

While having sweets or snacks from all over the world, we all can enjoy experiencing Japanese/foreign cultures or making friends by icebreaking games♪

Let’s enjoy international exchange in this great opportunity and we really hope your participation!


Free Multilingual Professional Consultation for Foreign Residents


Date:February 25th (Sat) 1PM-4:30PM

Place: Kagoshima Chuo Community Center 中央公民館  (Yamashita-cho 5-9 ← search this address on google map )

Consultation available for a variety of issues for free ・Residence, education, visas, labor-related issues, legal issues, etc.

※see more details⇒FLYER(English)

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